Dowel Pins

Custom-made Dowel & Alignment Pins

We are one of the UK’s leading producers of custom-made solid dowel pins.

We manufacture our dowel pins to ISO and DIN standards and offer a customised service which produces bespoke dowel pin service for specialist projects.

If you demand tight tolerances, non-standard diameters or lengths—or additional features such as air flats or chamfers—we can meet your requirements.

Our fully automated Swiss coil-fed machines are designed to produce high-volume runs of dowels, making us competitively priced with exceptional lead times.

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Dowel Pin Standards

ISO 2338 / DIN 7
A popular dowel pin used to align two components across a wide range of applications. We manufacture in a choice of materials including stainless steel, mild steel and brass.
ISO 8735 / DIN 7979
The ability to remove dowel pins is a requirement of many applications. ISO 8735 / DIN 7979 extractable dowel pins are tapped with a female thread to aid removal.
DIN 6325
DIN 6325 dowels feature a dome at one end with a chamfered radius profile, designed to aid insertion.

We can produce dowel pins from A1 303 stainless steel, A2 304 stainless steel, A4 316 stainless steel and brass.

Standard dowel pins range in diameter sizes from 0.80mm to 6.00mm diameter and up to 150mm in length. Non-standard diameters and lengths can be accommodated.

We can also produce tapered dowel pins to DIN 1B standard and tapped taper pins to DIN 7977 / DIN 7978 with a taper of 1 in 50. Contact us to order your standard or bespoke taper pins.

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