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A guide to exotic materials

Materials that have a high alloy content are commonly known as exotic alloys or superalloys. These exotic materials include titanium, aluminium, copper and bronze, and offer excellent durability and resistance to corrosion. This makes them suitable for demanding applications across many sectors, including aerospace and automotive. Read on to discover the properties that these exotic materials offer: Titanium Titanium is a light material (approximately half the weight of the equivalent quantity of stainless steel) which makes it an attractive alternative for fasteners where weight savings are imperative. Despite being lightweight, titanium fasteners are extremely durable and have a high melting

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How to select the right dowel pin

Dowel pins are commonly used in many industries including automotive, aerospace, agriculture and transport. They function as a shaft or hinge to hold and align assembled parts in place – and if you are a manufacturer working with assemblies of any kind, the chances are that you are already familiar with precision dowels. But if you’d like to know more about these simple, yet highly effective fasteners, then read on: Dowel pins are manufactured as solid, cylindrical metal pins to precise diameters and lengths. They are available in a wide range of sizes, styles and materials. Dowel pin sizes: Standard

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How can an Escomatic benefit your business?

Did you know that Escomatic machines were originally designed by a Swiss components maker who had issues with a watch part he needed to de-burr? The machine has now evolved into the Escomatics we use today — and they are still designed to produce parts to tight tolerances for the watch industry—but have now expanded into the manufacture of complex precision components for many other sectors too. If you are a precision engineering company who routinely manufactures small components, then it’s worthwhile considering one of these hardworking Swiss coil-fed machines as your next investment. Here’s how an Esco could benefit

Everything you need to know about brass for connectors

Everything you need to know about brass

Brass is the common terms for materials which are formed with a copper-zinc alloy. The composition of these properties determines the following factors of the brass: Strength & hardness Machinability Durability Aesthetics Electrical and thermal conductivity Hygiene properties Resistance to corrosion Unlike mild steel, brass does not turn brittle in cold temperatures, making it a great choice for outdoor use. It also offers excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, which make it ideal for use in PCB boards or as a joining part between two points in an application that needs to conduct an electrical current. Brass aesthetics Brass is known

The benefits of using Swiss coil fed machinery for dowel pins

The benefits of using Swiss coil fed machinery for dowel pins

Companies who utilise Swiss Coil-Fed Escomatic machinery, such as Escomatics, gain a competitive edge when it comes to meeting the demands of manufacturing precision components. Escomatic machinery rotate the cutting tools around the material allowing them to produce fasteners to very tight tolerances. This process ensures that Escomatic machinery is the economical choice for manufacturing dowel pins. Operating Swiss coil fed machines gives the following advantages and sets your business ahead of any competitors who use a turning process to manufacture dowel pins: Speed – dowel pins can be made 24 /7 and Escomatics can run ‘lights out’ without issue


Supporting grass roots football in the community

We are delighted to announce that Widmer Ltd are proud sponsors of local football team, Badsey Rangers Under 11s. The team take part in 9-a-side football in the Cheltenham Youth League and you can follow their progress here. It’s not just about having own name on the kit – we are genuinely enthusiastic in supporting grass-root football as a fun way to keep kids active and entertained.  Sadly, the season has been disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, but we believe that grass roots football clubs play a vital role in local communities across the UK. Many of the clubs are